Painless Chinese Acupuncture/Shiatsu (Finger-pressing Therapy)/Moxibustion/Sole Massage/Diet through Ear Acupuncture Stimulation

Chinese born Clinic Director Gang Xue hops that you will find his clinic a place for relaxation and healing.

Our remedy is based on Oriental medicine,mainly Chinese needle treatment、 Moxibustion and finger-pressing massage (Shiatsu). We are devoted to curing serious diseases and good health and mental well being.
We use only disposable needles, so you can be free from any anxiety.

Our rates are:

8,000 YEN for one acupunicture treatment
8,800 YEN for a 60 minute full body treatment
4,000 YEN for a 30 minute sole massage

There is no initial charge or entrance fee.

Examples of diseases treated by Chinese acupuncture:

lower back pain/stiff and painful shoulders to age/whiplash/kneepain/wrench from improper sleep/herniated disk/insomnia/dizziness/autonomic imbalance/sciatica/headache/facial paralysis/hay fever/pulse/swelling/nausea/diarrhea/stomachache/constipation/oversensitivity to cold/asthma chest pain/sterility/pimples/ringing in the ears/ hardness of hearing/atopy/menstrual pains/menopausal disorder/recovery from exhaustion/promotion of health/adult diseases.

We welcome those who have been refused under Western medical treatment. Please feel free to come to our clinic.