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SANSEI CHA or three purity tea

1_1.jpg (7722 バイト) The imperial family drank this tea for their health during the Shin era in China.
Skilled doctor studied the secret process for decades before finally producing this incomparable health tea!
We have complete confidence in recommending it to you. You will not fail to realize its effectiveness.

Benefit of SANSEI CHA

Prevention of liver disorder and inflammation of the gall bladder/of the liver cirrhosis/fatty liver/chronic hepatitis/gallstone.

Losing weight, especially by taking unnecessary fat off of the stomach, preferential with the stool (it is possible to lose 10kg a year).
You can take 3 to 6 cm off of waist a month.

Removing toxins such as exhaust, medicine, additives, and poisonous industrial heavy metals. These metals cause itai-itai(ouch-ouch) diseases (so called because of the extreme pain caused by cadmium poisoning from industrial waters in Toyama Prefecture).

high cholesterol/high triglyceride/hypertension/fitness/cosmetic treatment/improving
the function of the bowels/keeping the bowels active/urination/(dropsical) swelling/getting rid of stress/stiff neck/improvement of blood circulation/ dizziness/insomnia/heart care/relaxation/keeping the brain active(treatment for dementia,etc.)/improvement of imbalance in the internal organs/oversensitiveness to the cold/physiological irregularity

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